Peaceful Resolutions

A 60-Step Illustrated Guide to the Art of Conflict Resolution

This book was written to help:

  • someone who is currently in a conflict
  • someone who wants to help others who are in conflict, and
  • someone who wants to take proactive steps to prevent conflict

This book has 60 steps organized into ten chapters. I urge the reader to study the steps and to adopt the steps that seem most helpful – but to do the steps more or less in the order I have provided. The application of this book may be at work, home, school, places of worship, or community. Not all conflicts are the same, and not all resolutions are the same.

But there are patterns to conflicts, and patterns to resolutions. These patterns are identified in this book. A common ground and best practices are presented to help parties involved with:

  • conversations
  • discussions
  • negotiations
  • mediations
  • and compromise

This is book is written from the standpoint of a manager with more than 30 years’ experience mediating nearly 500 disputes and over 2,000 negotiations, setting up processes to address hundreds of conflicts, with dollar issues with as much as a billion dollars at stake.

Being trained in mediation at Hamline Law School in 1999 and having been a mediator with the Minnesota Supreme Court since 2004 has brought added perspective to the text, as has working as a volunteer in court and disputes involving public housing, community issues and other volunteer mediations.

Table of Contents

These are the Table of Contents of Peaceful Resolutions

  • 1. Overview of the book
  • 2. The Art of De-escalation
  • 3. The Art of Communication
  • 4. The Art of Conversation
  • 5. The Art of Discussion
  • 6. The Art of Listening
  • 7. The Art of Negotiation
  • 8. The Art of Mediation
  • 9. The Art of Compromise
  • 10. The Art of Virtual Mediation