The Servant Manager

203 Tips for from the best places to work in America

This manuscript was written over an 11-year period in which this author (with 25 years managerial experience at all levels of management) trained front-line managers from thirteen different business units, and from his having contacted the 50 best places to work in America.

The 203 Tips in this book are organized into sixteen chapters to help you become an uncommon servant manager.

This book is designed to help your team become successful by showing you how you can serve them as an uncommon servant manager.

Table of Contents

These are the Table of Contents of The Servant Manager

  • 1. Start Re-Orienting Yourself
  • 2. Step Into Leadership
  • 3. Understand Yourself and Others
  • 4. Communicate Effectively as a Manager
  • 5. Coach for Success
  • 6. Becoming Respected as an Ethical Manager
  • 7. Make the Most out of Meetings
  • 8. Find the Work-Life Balance
  • 9. Lead Quality Process Improvement
  • 10. Lead Workgroups Through Change
  • 11. Manage Your Time and Your Life
  • 12. Manage Diversity
  • 13. Build Engaged Workgroups and Teams
  • 14. Manage in a Crisis Environment
  • 15. Address Succession Development
  • 16. Multiply Your Effectiveness